Silk-under-Glass Art


I created my proprietary Silk-under-Glass technique to transform my original photographs and silk paintings into luminous art. To begin the process, you'll find me outdoors capturing the wondrous beauty of nature with my camera. I carefully select the best images, design each piece or multi-piece grouping, and then translate the final designs into images using dye on silk. Last, the silk image is joined with the clarity and curvature of the glass, to create a new art form. Each piece is durable, hand-washable and easy to care for. Displayed singly or in groupings, on a wall, shelf or tabletop Silk-under-Glass art enhances the aesthetics of any setting and makes the perfect gift for all occasions.

My Silk-under-Glass process is my own invention, born of a desire to let light flow through my images, producing a translucent effect and bringing the details of the image to life. This enables you to view the image from the front as well as the back of the glass. My goal as an artist is to create art that is beautiful, as well as functional. I find sanctuary and inspiration through the entire process from photographing nature to hand painting dyes on silk to putting finishes touches on each piece in my studio. I would like to share this same joy with you.

Silk-under-Glass Use & Display

Wall Art:
For wall art with a dramatic, visual impact select a triptych (20”x36” or 20”x 44”) or a larger, multi-piece grouping. There are many pieces that can be grouped together to create a unique artistic statement. Contact me to discuss a custom-designed grouping just for you. 

Designs are available in rectangles, squares and ovals, ranging in size from 6” to 20”. The smaller and mid-size pieces work nicely as jewelry trays, letter holders, perfume trays, and fine art. Being food-safe and hand-washable, my Silk-under-Glass trays also make wonderful serving pieces, a truly versatile object of art. Smaller pieces are perfect for more intimate settings resting on a tabletop, desk or nightstand. Stacking three, square plates forms a lovely piece of sculptural art. Silk-under-Glass trays may also be displayed upright with our adjustable easels to optimize viewing from different vantage points, creating a stunning fine art piece. They look great in an entry, on a mantle or on a sidebar in a dining room.