I live in a converted barn in a semi-rural setting. Enjoying the view from my deck, I enjoy a bird's eye view and greater appreciation of the bird-world. I watch the birds swoop, listen to them sing, observe them starting their families and building nests. I envy their ability to race across the sky, glide on the air currents, sky dive, and dance to their own music.     


      Individual Pieces

                                           Multi-piece Groupings

I observed the vibrant, detailed patterns found in their plumage and began work on my new Focus on Feathers collection. Most of these initial images are from the Ringneck Pheasant. The myriad of colors and patterns on the Ringneck Pheasant are nothing less than astounding - especially since they are found on each male pheasant. Iridescent blues and greens are mixed in with earthy browns and vibrant yellows. From patterns that look like camouflage, or the scales of a pine cone or fish to the exotic patterns that when magnified, look like birds in flight, the Ringneck Pheasant is truly a treasure to behold. This collection is meant to celebrate and pay tribute to birds and to share my birds' eye view with you.

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