Repair the World - Tikkun Olam - V'natnu
Repair the World - Tikkun Olam - V'natnu

The root of the Hebrew word V’natnu means “…to give”. It is a palindrome, a word that is the same spelled forward and backward. Here, it is interpreted to mean that the giver receives as much as the receiver.

The crackle design on this plate represents Tikkun Olam - the imperative to help "repair the world" so that it once again reflects the basic values of Justice, Peace and Compassion.

According to one Kabbalistic view, when the world was created, vessels were formed to hold the Divine Light. These vessels shattered, dispersing shards and the Divine Light all over the world. Our task is to reunite this scattered Light. Each time we perform a mitzvah, or good deed, a shard is returned to the vessel, thereby helping to Repair the World.

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